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HSS Spiral Cobalt Step Drill Bit

Material: HSS M35
Coated: Cobalt
  • MSK


1.One drill for multiple uses, bench drills, hand drills, and rechargeable drills can be used.

2.Sharp and wear-resistant.
3.Smooth chip evacuation.
4.Full grinding process.
5.Precision drilling.






Get more done in less time with our innovative HSS step drill - An all encompassing solution designed for those looking for maximum efficiency when working on DIY projects or in a professional capacity. The HSS step drill delivers impressive versatility with reliable performance from bench drills hand drills down to rechargeable drills all merged into one device making much easier work on intricate jobs compared to doing so manually

This high performing device boasts sharpness and wear-resistance thats second to none. Made from high-grade steel materials its engineered for maximum strength and durability hence giving precise results no matter how tough the material being worked on may be.

Its smooth chip evacuation feature ensures uninterrupted drilling operations without obstructions caused by dust accumulation.

With the full grinding process used during production of this HSS step drill you can achieve a superior experience while drilling with consistently sharp and uniform cutting edges that reduce the risk of errors or accidents while at work. Not only does this promote precision but it also enhances overall performance during use.

So whether you're looking for a reliable tool to work on wood or metal surfaces - or any other project require precision drilling- this versatile device is undoubtedly up to the task. Creating flawless holes is a breeze with the HSS step drill! This all in one solution offers unique sizing on each step ensuring that there is no loss of center positioning during usage.

Thus giving you precise hole size and angles every time - allowing you to work at a more efficient pace. The versatility of this drill makes it ideal for various materials such as wood, metal plastics etc. making it an integral part of any toolkit! Besides its convenience its rechargeable design means less hassle with battery changes while allowing consistent performance over time.

With its compact size and portability feature - users can easily carry it around or store it away without taking up much space. Overall investing in the HSS step drill is a wise choice when looking for accuracy and efficiency during drilling projects. When it comes to finding an advanced drilling solution that offers superior sharpness, wear resistance, precision and versatility in one package look no further than the HSS step drill.

This technologically advanced tool is perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike who demand nothing but the best from their equipment. You too can witness its impressive capabilities by ordering your own HSS step drill today!