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Aluminum Drilling Tungsten Steel Spotting Drill Bits

Use Materials:Aluminium/Steel
  • MSK

Origin Tianjing, China Type T-Slot Milling Cutter
Brand MSK Whether To Coat Uncoated
Coating Customized Use Centering And Chamfering

It adopts a brand-new base metal of hivili tungsten steel, which has high wear resistance and strength.

Product Feature:

1. The double margin design enhances the cutting rigidity, and the arc margin makes the side edge sharper, which can effectively remove the burr.

2. Select imported high-quality fine particle tungsten steel base material, which has higher wear resistance and strength, and has a longer service life.

3. Imported passivation equipment, spray type increases the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the tool, and careful grinding makes the cutting edge of the tool without burrs, and the product has a high chamfering finish.

4. The ultra-wide drainage space enables powerful cutting, smoother chip removal, and higher precision and gloss of the workpiece.

5. Made of precision machine tools, carefully ground, and meticulously crafted.

6. The quality is strictly controlled, and the finished product is more precise and sharper.

7. Machinable materials: copper, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.

8. Applicable machine tools: CNC machining centers, CNC machine tools, engraving machines and other equipment.

Vertex Blade length Shank diameter Total Length
90° 11 3 40
90° 15 4 50
90° 16 5 60
90° 17 6 60
90° 22 8 70
90° 26 10 75
90° 30 12 80
90° 34 16 90
90° 40 20 100

carbide point drill bitsSpotting Drill Cutters HRC55point drill bitscarbide point drill bitsSpotting Drill Cutters HRC55

We're thrilled to present our latest offering - Carbide Point Drill Bits! At [company name] we believe that efficiency, precision,and effectiveness are crucial when it comes to any drilling experience. Thats why we've taken great care in designing these bits with a double margin design which enhances cutting rigidity while the arc margin sharpens the side edge - removing burrs for a smooth drill hole every time you use them. We chose only high quality imported fine particle tungsten steel base materials for our Carbide Point Drill Bits because of their durability wear resistance,and strength properties.

We thoroughly tested this material before selecting it – and are confident it represents maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your needs. Whats more? Our product has been designed to withstand various drilling conditions thanks to an investment in imported passivation equipment which increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the tool.

Finally careful grinding ensures that there are no burrs on any of your drilled holes assuring you of perfection every time! Are you tired of switching between drill bits every time you change projects? Our Carbide Point Drill Bits provide versatility that allows them to be used across various drilling projects on materials like metal, wood, and plastic. With these drill bits in hand you can take on woodworking, metalworking or any DIY home project with ease! At [company name] we prioritize quality over everything else when designing our products; precision and accuracy are paramount when using our Carbide Point Drill Bits.

Additionally we offer a vast selection of sizes and shapes suitable for any project size- whether small or large! You also get the freedom to choose from various shapes such as round shank or hex shank that suit your specific projects needs. As a brand we pride ourselves on surpassing expectations with unmatched reliability and trustworthiness - attributes that have solidified our position as an industry leader. When it comes to questions or concerns about choosing the right equipment for your project needs our customer service team is always accessible at all times - day or night.

Our team of professionals are capable of helping you select Carbide Point Drill Bits suitable for your specific job requirements while achieving optimal efficiency without breaking the bank. Durable build quality combined with their accuracy and outstanding performance rates makes Carbide Point Drill Bits indispensable tools when it comes to drilling tasks; they simply outperform their rivals.

In conclusion if you're looking for unparalleled precision in handling any drilling undertaking without compromising on durability or time management capabilities – then look no further than introducing one of our premium quality Carbide Point Drill Bits into your arsenal today!