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HRC55 Tungsten Carbide Point Drill Bits For Steel

  • MSK

Origin Tianjin Whether To Import No
Brand MSK Applicable Machine Tools Milling Machine
Coating Customized Use Centering And Chamfering
Material Tungsten Carbide Type Face Milling Cutter

It adopts a brand-new base metal of hivili tungsten steel, which has high wear resistance and strength.It is specially designed for high hardness and high-speed cutting. The applied universal milling cutter is coated with ancient copper titanium silicon tatisi coating on the cutter part, which can directly carry out high-speed rough machining to fine machining for heat treatment materials below 50 degrees, reduce the number of tool changes, advance the movement rate of the machine tool, save the manufacturing time, and mainly drill positioning holes and center holes for steel parts.

Product Feature:

1. It adopts German high-quality tungsten steel cemented carbide material, precision development and polishing. Exquisite production technology, higher wear resistance and long service life.

2. Use domestic precision machine tools to grind the spiral, with sharp edge angle and smooth cutting, which greatly improves the cutting rate.

3. The design of spiral chip removal groove is more conducive to removing waste chips, preventing tool sticking and greatly improving efficiency.

Vertex Blade Length Shank Diameter Total Length
90° 11 3 40
90° 15 4 50
90° 16 5 60
90° 17 6 60
90° 22 8 70
90° 26 10 75
90° 30 12 80
90° 34 16 90
90° 40 20 100

3.drill bits for metalpointed drill bitcarbide point drill bits

Make way for our groundbreaking carbide point drill bits that offer unmatched precision and efficiency when drilling! Featuring top-quality German tungsten steel cemented carbide material construction, these drills have gone through rigorous development resulting in outstanding wear resistance and a long service life. Our drills boast sharp edge angles and super-smooth cutting surfaces which means that users can drill through the toughest materials without breaking a sweat - whether working on wood, metal, or plastic.

What sets these drills apart is their unique spiral chip removal groove design that effectively eliminates waste chips and prevents tool sticking. This innovation also ensures drill bits remain clear of waste material which can clog up other types of drills, leading to reduced efficiency levels and accuracy. With our carbide point drill bits you have access to exceptional versatility that caters to a broad range of drilling machines.

This means you can rely on it whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson looking for reliable equipment. Besides being suitable for general use these bits also excel at specialized purposes like penetrating tiles or glass thanks to their superior design precision. The hallmark of these drill bits is the longevity they offer due to high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes employed in their production.

This translates into sustained benefits over an extensive period without having to replace them continually; they're built for long lasting performance. In summary if you demand top notch accuracy and effectiveness when working with drills gear up today with our premium carbide point drill bits.