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HRC55 Stainless Steel Aluminum Carbide Roughing End Mills

Helix Angle:35
  • MSK

Place Of Origin Tianjin Shank Diameter 4 (mm)
Brand MSK Blade Diameter 3 (mm)

Milling cutter is a widely used multi-blade rotary tool, and there are many kinds of it. According to use, there are:

1) For machining planes, such as cylindrical plane milling cutters, end milling cutters, etc.;

2) For machining grooves, such as end mills, T-shaped cutters and angle cutters;

3) For machining forming surfaces, such as convex semicircular and concave semicircular milling cutters and milling cutters for machining other complex forming surfaces. The productivity of milling is generally high, and the surface roughness value of the machined surface is large.

Product Feature:

1. Micro-particle tungsten carbide. It is an exclusive milling cutter for high-speed cutting applications with high strength and high hardness.

2. Pay attention to the variety of product quality and specifications. To meet the needs of various apertures, non-standard customization, and strict selection of materials.

3. The cutting edge design enables smooth chip removal. Increase machining surface finish and reduce burrs during machining.

4. The cutting edge is sharp and finely ground, and the carefully selected material is not easy to wear.

5. The whole process of intelligent automatic production line ensures that the tolerance of milling cutters is minimized

Specification No. Flute Diameter Shank Diameter Total Length Flutes
D1 D L
Φ1*Φ4*75*4T 1 4 75 4
Φ1.5*Φ4*75*4T 1.5 4 75 4
Φ2*Φ4*75*4T 2 4 75 4
Φ3*Φ4*75*4T 3 4 75 4
Φ2*Φ4*100*4T 2 4 100 4
Φ3*Φ4*100*4T 3 4 100 4

2.carbide roughing end mills3.roughing end mills for steelroughing end mill cutter2.carbide roughing end mills3.roughing end mills for steelroughing end mill cutter

Our revolutionary Micro particle tungsten carbide roughing end mill cutter is here! Specifically designed for high speed cutting applications where superior strength and hardness are required to achieve different aperture sizes. We take pride in being a manufacturer of premium cutting tools with customizable qualities and specifications ensuring that each customers unique needs are met.

Our roughing end mill cutter is constructed with superior materials selected through rigorous scrutiny to guarantee peak performance.

We also provide non standard customization options for this cutter offering peace of mind with the assurance that we can make the perfect fit tailored precisely to your unique demands.

The advanced design features of our roughing end mill cutter allow seamless chip removal that results in an improved surface finish while reducing burring during machining processes. Additionally its sharp edges leave no room for error – accurate & smooth machining while meeting the highest quality standards.

At the forefront of advanced technology in milling tools is our roughing end mill cutter, boasting unmatched features that set it apart from other products on the market today. Specifically designed to withstand high forces and speeds common in challenging cutting applications this tool guarantees consistent results every time you use it. Its micro particle tungsten carbide makeup allows for quick and efficient milling of larger surface areas during tough roughing applications - perfect for intricate parts requiring extensive material removal! Our cutter also shines when working with hard to machine materials like hardened steels due to its superior strength and durability ensuring that it lasts longer even when used persistently.

In our world of cutting tools safety is not just a buzzword; its a fundamental requirement. Hence when designing our roughing end mill cutter we kept your best interests in mind. Every piece we sell meets or exceeds industry safety standards; there are no exceptions! Our roughing end mill cutter offers exceptional versatility across various working environments while maintaining the highest level of safety for its users.

The micro particle tungsten carbide construction ensures that high speed cutting applications requiring strength and hardness are carried out efficiently. Additionally the unique features incorporated into the design enable simpler machining operations for individuals or companies that have to manage massive workloads regularly. You don't want to miss out on this remarkable opportunity - place your order today!