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High Quality AlTiN HRC 45 End Mill Bits For Steel

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3 years
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1. Coating: AlTiN, high aluminium content provides excellent hot hardness and oxidation resistance.
2. High quality raw material, high hardness, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
3. Cutting edge design;corner radius, uneasy to cracking, widely used in high speed cutting.
4. 35 deg helix angle, high adaptability to the material and hardness of workpieces, widely used to mold and product processing and cost efficient.




Revolutionize your machining processes with our latest end mill cutter - where unparalleled performance meets superior durability! Designed using innovative technology fused with premium raw materials we've developed an end mill cutter that promises maximum wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and longevity like never before. With a 35 degree helix angle built into its structure our cutting tool is highly adaptable when working on different levels of hardness across various materials with ease. To top it off?

Our specially formulated coating containing high amounts of aluminium (AlTiN) provides outstanding protection against wear induced damage while enhancing hot hardness and oxidation resistance - making sure your projects are completed efficiently without breaking the bank. Its standout corner radius design also provides precision cutting without any cracking during high speed machining operations, which is essential for both mold and product processing projects that require reliability and consistency.

So why not upgrade to our end mill cutter today? Quality matters at X Company: thats why we go above and beyond when it comes to selecting the raw materials that go into every single one of our products – including our end mill cutter. We use only the very best quality materials available ensuring superior wear and corrosion resistance that lasts a lifetime.

Our 35 degree helix angle means that our end mill cutter is highly adaptable making it an excellent choice for a wide range of machining projects across diverse materials – metals, plastics, and more. With precision cutting built right in as standard - along with our advanced AlTiN coating which provides hot hardness and oxidation resistance – you can expect nothing but superior results from day one with your investment in one of our cutting edge tools whether you're a professional machinist or an enthusiast hobbyist looking for top quality gear! All things considered the standout features of our end mill cutter are its use of premium raw materials, cutting edge design approach and application of AlTiN coating. These aspects combine to create a high performance tool that excels at any challenging machining project while offering longevity beyond compare.

Don't put this off - reach out to us right away to know more about our end mill cutters capabilities in enhancing your machining operations.