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HRC65 High Hardness Round Corner Carbide End Mill

Helix Angle:35
  • MSK

Origin Tianjin Type End Mill
Brand MSK Material Tungsten Carbide

Round nose cutters can be used to mill planes and can be milled, and their functions are also quite rich. It is mainly used for roughing. In the roughing process of raw materials, a round nose knife with a large angle R angle is usually used. Round nose cutters with small R angles can also be used for machining around curved contours or milling around side walls.

Product Feature:

1. Large chip removal groove, high hardness and wear resistance, large cutting edge chip removal groove and large spiral chip removal groove design, chip removal without chip accumulation, good surface gloss, deburring double margin processing design.

2. Cutting block, high hardness, smooth chamfering, convenient clamping of shank chamfering layout.

3. It can directly perform high-speed roughing to fine machining on heat-treated materials below 65 degrees, reducing the number of tool changes, mainly cutting face milling/short side milling.

4. The negative rake angle design takes into account the strength and sharpness of the cutting edge. At the same time, the large core diameter is adopted to enhance the rigidity of the tool and make it stable in cutting and chip removal.

5. Nano-coating, so that the product can not be worn, reduce the chemical reaction caused by friction, heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

Specification No. Flute Diameter Flute Length Shank Diameter Total Length Flutes
D1 L1 D L
1.0*3*50 1 0.2 4 50 4
1.5*4*50 1.5 0.2 4 50 4
2.0*6*50 2 0.2 4 50 4
2.5*8*50 2.5 0.2 4 50 4
3.0*8*50 3 0.2 4 50 4
3.5*10*50 3.5 0.2 4 50 4
4*10*50 4 0.2 4 50 4
4*15*75 4 0.2 4 75 4
4*20*100 4 0.2 4 100 4
5*13*50 S6 5 0.2 6 50 4
6*15*50 6 0.2 6 50 4
6*20*75 6 0.2 6 75 4
6*30*100 6 0.2 6 100 4
8*20*60 8 0.2 8 60 4
8*25*75 8 0.2 8 75 4
8*35*100 8 0.2 8 100 4
10*25*75 10 0.2 10 75 4
10*40*100 10 0.2 10 100 4
12*30*75 12 0.2 12 75 4
12*45*100 12 0.2 12 100 4

Corner Radius End mills

Round Over End Mill

We are excited to announce our latest addition, The Corner Radius End mills- an advanced tool specifically designed for machining heat-treated materials with impeccable precision and maximum efficiency. Keep reading as we take you through its features and benefits!

Our distinctively engineered tool boasts an expansive chip removal groove that ensures uninterrupted functioning throughout your work process leading to excellent surface finish quality. With hard-wearing properties and increased longevity far beyond other similar products in the market because of their superior quality- longevity is guaranteed.

What’s more? We have included a spiral chip removal channel that amplifies its effectiveness by ensuring effortless operations throughout your cutting process.

We have ensured meticulous attention-to-detail when designing our cutting block with exceptional resilience through higher hardness combined with smooth chamfering for optimal results achieved every time you use them! Finally, our secure clamping mechanism provides added safety by securely fitting snugly into place, eliminating potential damages or accidents caused during usage.

For those working with heat-treated materials below 65 degrees seeking maximum efficiency in machining processes- Our Corner Radius End mills offer an unprecedented advantage. Our tools' distinctive ability to perform high-speed roughing to fine machining directly translates into a significant reduction in tool changes - resulting in substantial cost savings while ensuring exceptional accuracy and precision.

The superior performance of our Corner Radius End mills isn't limited solely to efficiency; rather it provides a comprehensive solution that fits every application requirement by incorporating a deburring double margin processing design feature - guaranteeing smooth edges of your material during milling operations regardless of their delicacy.

To sum up- if you require precision, accuracy & efficiency when working with heat-treated materials at an affordable price point - Our Corner Radius End mills are an excellent choice that won't disappoint! With features such as high hardness & wear resistance, large chip removal groove, smooth chamfering, and convenient clamping - your final products will consistently look flawless. Discover for yourself the remarkable benefits of our Corner Radius End mills by trying them out today!