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HRC55 4 Flutes R0.2/0.3/0.5/1 Round Corner Radius End Mill

Helix Angle:35
  • MSK

Place of Origin Tianjin Type Flat Mill
Brand MSK Processing Range Wide

Combining the advantages of end mill and ball cutter, a small R angle is used on the edge, but the cutting function of the bottom edge is retained, which is equivalent to adding an R angle smaller than the tool radius to the end mill.


When the round nose cutter is milling similar workpieces, it can maintain a certain cutting speed at four points a, b, c, and d, so that the quality of the machined surface is better than that of the ball cutter; because the bottom milling capability of the end mill is retained , A relatively fast milling speed can also be achieved when machining a relatively flat surface.

Product Feature:

1. Sharp grinding edge, imported advanced grinding machine, the edge is sharp and clean.

2. Imported high-quality tungsten steel material has excellent properties such as high hardness and high rigidity.

3. Wear-resistant composite coating, research and upgrade around the three factors of corrosion, friction and wear.

4. The chip removal is smooth, the rear angle of the handle is designed, the end area is reduced, the installation area is large, and the installation is convenient and fast.

Specification No. Flute Diameter Flute Length Shank Diameter Total Length Flutes
D1 L1 D L
1.0*3*50 1 0.2 4 50 4
1.5*4*50 1.5 0.2 4 50 4
2.0*6*50 2 0.2 4 50 4
2.5*8*50 2.5 0.2 4 50 4
3.0*8*50 3 0.2 4 50 4
3.5*10*50 3.5 0.2 4 50 4
4*10*50 4 0.2 4 50 4
4*15*75 4 0.2 4 75 4
4*20*100 4 0.2 4 100 4
5*13*50 S6 5 0.2 6 50 4
6*15*50 6 0.2 6 50 4
6*20*75 6 0.2 6 75 4
6*30*100 6 0.2 6 100 4
8*20*60 8 0.2 8 60 4
8*25*75 8 0.2 8 75 4
8*35*100 8 0.2 8 100 4
10*25*75 10 0.2 10 75 4
10*40*100 10 0.2 10 100 4
12*30*75 12 0.2 12 75 4
12*45*100 12 0.2 12 100 4

4 flute corner radius end mill

R0.3 Corner Radius Mills4 flute corner radius end mill

When it comes to seeking a reliable precision cutting tool to improve your milling capabilities it is essential to choose an option that can deliver exceptional results. Thankfully with the Rounded Corner End Mill you get precisely that – an innovative tool designed for optimal precision and accuracy while enhancing your cutting efficiency. What distinguishes the Rounded Corner End Mill from other tools in its category is its sharp grinding edge.

Our imported advanced grinding machine guarantees an impeccable edge that enables smooth cuts with utmost accuracy suitable for intricate milling projects requiring meticulous attention to detail.

The end mills excellent quality tungsten steel material ensures superior hardness and rigidity ideal for high performance cutting applications. Added to this advantage is a wear resistant composite coating that enhances the tools longevity while ensuring maximum performance at all times.

With extensive research invested towards upgrading three main factors such as corrosion resistance ,friction reduction,and increased wear resistance ,the development of an innovative coating used in crafting Rounded Corner End Mills leads them surpassing ordinary tools; thereby offering exceptional durability to withstand rigorous milling applications. Additionally it has specially been designed to ensure that smooth chip removal is made possible thereby minimizing any interruptions during milling.

The Rounded Corner End Mills rear angle configuration provides an increased installation area that results in quick and easy installation processes while reducing downtime. Its versatility is enhanced by the sharp grinding edge and high quality tungsten steel material that make it a suitable tool for milling various materials ranging from aluminum to titanium.

In conclusion the utilization of the Rounded Corner End Mill enhances productivity levels and overall machining operations efficiency by improving performance capabilities and reducing operational disruptions.

Get ready for unmatched precision and efficiency in your next milling project when you opt for the Rounded Corner End Mill. This remarkable instrument has cutting edge features consisting of a sharp grinding edge crafted from high quality tungsten steel material that boasts of an extremely durable wear resistant composite coating. With such advanced characteristics working together seamlessly to provide faster results while ensuring utmost quality output; this versatile tool undoubtedly surpasses all expectations.