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DIN6388A OZ/EOC Collet 8A OZ8A/10A/12A/16A/20A/25A/32A EOC8A-1/8 1/4 Collet

EOC8A collet (4)
EOC8A collet (5)
EOC8A collet (6)


1. Steel is preferred for durability. Selected high-quality 65Mn, after high-frequency heat treatment and cryogenic treatment, has high strength and fatigue limit, stable performance and large clamping force.

2. Internal and external grinding, the accuracy is guaranteed. The surface is ground and polished, with a bright appearance and good fit.

EOC8A collet (3)


1. Fit the slot of the spring collet into the eccentric circle position of the nut, and push the spring collet in the direction indicated by the arrow until a click is heard, indicating that the spring collet is in place.

2. Install the collet on the tool, making sure it is in place.

3. Install the nut on the handle and tighten it with a wrench.

EOC8A collet (1)


After unscrewing the nut from the handle, pull out the tool, push inward from the front of the collet and press down against the bottom of the eccentric circle at the same time, and push the collet diagonally until the collet and the nut disassemble open.

EOC8A collet (2)

The ultimate clamping answer arrives - The OZ25 Collet - intended to resolve all your clamping dilemmas. Our product is compounded using 65Mn steel of outstanding quality along with being subjected to utmost care during its creation; undergoing high-frequency heat treatment plus cryogenic treatment gives us confidence - delivering unrivaled strength and fatigue limit in comparison to other collets available on the market.

Precision is everything when carrying out tasks hence why we offer additional attention towards detail through internal/external grinding techniques alike; not forget to mention how much care goes into polishing each surface.

Ensuring optimal compatibility with any machine is essential; our collet offers a smooth finish, giving it not only an outstanding appearance but also affording the efficiency of easy inserting and removing.

Using our OZ25 Collet gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your workpiece is secure while remaining uninterrupted in solving tasks at hand regardless of Industry from aerospace to automotive, medical manufacturing to general machining - we've tested our product under various conditions to ensure you get optimal results. When it comes to machining operations achieving consistent results requires a precise and reliable collet - which is exactly what you'll get with OZ25 Collet.

Our products are renowned for their large clamping force and ability even under extreme pressure.

At OZ25 Collet we are obsessed with quality.

We invest heavily in developing outstanding products that meet the highest standards of excellence. Our cutting edge collets offer unsurpassed durability and reliability - giving our customers confidence in their ability to perform exceptionally well time after time.

Our commitment to customer service is just as strong as our dedication to product excellence.

We have assembled a team of experts who are always on hand to provide guidance on any aspect of our product range or answer questions about how best to use them in specific situations.

So if you're looking for a top quality, durable, and reliable collet that will provide maximum performance across different industries look no further than OZ25 Collet. Whether you need precision engineering solutions or broader support in your machining operations we have everything you need at competitive prices.

In summary: At OZ25 Collet we are passionate about delivering only the best high precision collets possible. With our tireless dedication to product excellence backed up by exceptional customer service support from expert specialists working around the clock - why settle for anything less?

Rest assured that your workpiece is secure and interruptions won't impede your efficiency when using the OZ25 Collet.