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1-16mm B16 Keyless Drill Chuck


Product name: Self-tightening drill chuck

Product material: 40Cr high carbon steel

Product Type: Tapered Hole, Tapped Hole, Metric, Imperial, Light Duty, Heavy Duty

Product description: 1. The jaws are quenched and hardened, more wear-resistant

2. With self-locking function, rotation locking

3.3. Taper hole and threaded hole are connected, easy to disassemble

4. Three-jaw hardened precision wear-resistant

Light duty drill chucks are suitable for small bench drills or hand drills, heavy duty drill chucks are suitable for drilling presses

Instructions for use:

1. The self-tightening drill chuck does not need to be tightened with a wrench. After the cutting tool is installed, the drill chuck jacket is tightened by hand, and the clamping force increases with the increase of cutting force.

2. The drill chuck cannot be used when the machine tool is reversed, and it loses its self-tightening effect when it is reversed.

3. When installing the drill chuck, wipe the taper hole and the taper shank of the machine tool (or electric drill) clean, align the cone with the center of the taper shank and tap the front face of the drill body with a hand or a wooden hammer until it is installed properly.


Meet the Self tightening Drill Chuck - an ultimate tool for both DIY enthusiasts and expert tradespeople alike! Built from 40Cr high carbon steel material that imparts extraordinary longevity to it even under challenging conditions; its designed to handle any job with ease! This versatile product comes in various kinds such as Tapered Hole Tapped Hole Metric Imperial Light Duty and Heavy Duty etc. making it an ideal fit for all your drilling requirements - whether big or small projects alike; theres nothing too difficult for this unit to tackle! One outstanding feature worth mentioning about our drill chuck is its quenched and hardened jaws - they possess excellent wear resistant properties which make them incredibly durable! You can use them repeatedly without worrying about them breaking or failing midway during operations! These jaws hold your drill bits securely in place giving you complete control over your drilling operations.

Moreover, our chucks self locking function ensures a stable and secure grip on the drill bit so that it doesn't move or rotate once positioned in place. The Self-tightening Drill Chuck offers users a reliable tool ensuring consistent accuracy during their drilling tasks as it prevents any form of slipping or unintended movement at any point throughout their project duration.

Its remarkable taper hole and threaded hole connection allows you to easily disassemble the chuck for quick changeovers between different-sized drills-reducing your downtime on job sites thus enhancing overall productivity levels considerably. The durable construction elements of this chuck are second-to-none as each three-jaw is hardened with precision ensuring optimal wear resistance properties that can withstand daily usage without showing degradation signs easily- guaranteeing longevity in all applications even in harsh working conditions. This product can prove to be an ideal aid whether you're an enthusiast who enjoys tackling projects on your own or a skilled professional who requires tools that deliver effective results.