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Double flutes Straight Slot Milling Cutter

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1. Double-flute straight groove milling cutter, sharp and wear-resistant, high efficiency, suitable for MDF, multilayer board, hardwood, solid wood, etc.

2. Integral tungsten steel mirror grinding process, high hardness, high wear resistance, and constant sharpness

3. German five-axis CNC grinder, high processing accuracy, sharp non-stick knife, high cutting finish

4. Scientific blade and chip flute design, sharp and non-sticky, faster chip removal and higher work efficiency

5. Universal round shank, chamfered design. Easy to use, with good compatibility, tightening does not slip, and higher efficiency

6. Each one is individually packaged to protect the accuracy of the tool


Tool selection

To achieve the purpose you require, please try to use short-edged tools. Too long cutting edge or too long tool body will cause vibration and deflection during machining, resulting in tool damage and affecting machining quality. We recommend using a tool with a larger shank diameter.

Tool operation

1. The woodworking milling cutter is specially designed for portable and desktop woodworking engraving machines, and cannot be used on machines such as electric drills and drill presses.

2. The cutting tool can process a smooth surface on hardwood, softwood, synthetic board and other wood, but avoid processing metal materials such as copper and iron and non-wood materials such as sand and stone.

3. Be sure to use the appropriate size of the jacket, the serious wear is not round enough and the inner hole with a taper jacket can not provide enough clamping force, it will cause vibration or twisting of the tool handle and flying off.

4. Do not think that the new jacket must be safe and reliable. After the tool is clamped, it is found that the handle has uneven contact for a long time or has grooves, indicating slippage and deformation of the inner hole of the jacket. At this time, the jacket should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.

Exhausted from dealing with inferior end mill slot cutters during your woodworking projects? Seeking out a high quality milling cutter boasting wear resistance slicing precision,and efficiency? Look no further than our Double Flute Straight Groove Milling Cutter.

Painstakingly crafted from the most outstanding materials to exacting standards this milling cutter is ideal for cutting through MDF,multilayer board,hardwood,solid wood,and other materials with ease. Thanks to the integral tungsten steel mirror grinding process our cutter remains rock hard and wear resistant long after extended work hours have passed.

Our innovative design relies on cutting edge technology;a German five axis CNC grinder to ensure top of the line processing accuracy resulting in incredibly sharp cuts every time. The blade and chip flute design is based on scientific principles that maximize sharpness minimize sticky buildup and guarantee faster chip removal for improved work efficiency.

As a professional woodworker I understand the importance of having a versatile and efficient milling cutter in my toolkit. The Double Flute Straight Groove Milling Cutter has proven to be one of the most reliable tools I've had because it consistently delivers precise results even on the toughest materials.

Whether you need to cut grooves, slots, or dados - this cutter has got you covered.

Its unique design allows for effortless slicing through any material without compromising precision or accuracy thanks to its constant sharpness technology.

When dealing with intricate projects that require flawless finishes this cutter shines because of its smooth and effortless slices. Additionally it can handle prolonged use without any need for frequent sharpening - making it a real time saver.

In conclusion: If you're looking for an efficient milling cutter that guarantees high quality results every time with minimal maintenance requirements - consider investing in the Double Flute Straight Groove Milling Cutter. Its bound to become your go to tool for years to come. The next level of precision and efficiency in woodworking is just a click away. Order the Double Flute Straight Groove Milling Cutter today and experience a new level of craftsmanship.