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Solid Carbide 3 Flutes 1mm 20mm Tool Flat Milling Cutter End Mill


This product is suitable for precision high-speed processing of aluminum materials, used in the automotive industry and mold processing, especially forming processing.


Optimized for exceptional performance in aluminum, non-ferrous materials, and soft materials, this solid carbide end mill reduces cutting forces and increases material removal rates.




1. Ultra-fine particle alloy bar with sharp cutting edge

2. It can also be used in the processing of copper, rubber, steel and other materials

3. Designed for exceptional performance in aluminum, non ferrous materials and soft materials

4. Solid carbide material.

5. Designed with a specialized combination of features for excellent performance in roughing and finishing applications





Aviation Manufacturing

Machine Production

Car manufacturer

Mold making

Electrical Manufacturing

Lathe processing

Machining just got better with the introduction of our Ultra Fine Particle Alloy Bar with Sharp Cutting Edge - a revolutionary product tailor made for unparalleled performance when working on soft materials, non ferrous materials, and aluminum. Designed with features that deliver excellent results in both roughing and finishing applications this product is well suited to all your milling needs. Our 20mm cutter end mill ensures that precision cuts are achievable every time while the solid carbide material delivers superior performance ensuring you have a hassle free milling experience.

With its sharp cutting edge our ultra fine particle alloy bar guarantees precise finishes on your workpieces every time. This versatile tool can process various types of materials including copper, rubber, steel as well as other soft materials making an indispensable addition to any workshop or manufacturing facility. When it comes to machining having the right tool on hand can make all the difference. Fortunately our ultra fine particle alloy bar is up for any challenge you throw its way.

This products solid carbide material composition ensures it can handle even the toughest conditions with ease - perfect for professionals who demand nothing but the best. Thanks to guaranteed quality standards you can count on this tool delivering superior performance every time. Its 20mm cutter end mill allows for exceptional precision and efficiency during large scale milling tasks that require utmost accuracy.

This size also makes it ideal for working on large parts in aerospace or construction industries where productivity is key. The combination of specialized features built into this product results in outstanding performance across many applications - from intricate details to heavy duty machining jobs.

The ultra fine particle alloy bars impressive durability, versatility and precision make it an essential item that will quickly become a go to in your workshop or manufacturing facility.

In essence, if you are involved in milling operations then acquiring the Ultra-Fine Particle Alloy Bar with Sharp Cutting Edge is imperative. Crafted from solid carbide material and boasting a finely honed edge that slices through materials like butter- this tool is an absolute powerhouse! Additionally, its ingenious combination of various features allows for efficient processing of not only copper or steel but also rubber and other such substances. Even the handling of significant milling tasks becomes hassle-free when equipped with a 20mm cutter end mill.

Whether you pursue milling as a profession or engage in DIY pursuits on weekends- this product guarantees top-notch results that exceed expectations each time. So why lose any more time? Invest in one today to relish how it elevates your work's quality.